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The NEW Gerovital H3 line of anti-aging cosmetics, now available only on, is designed to better serve your needs. With an improved formula based on Ana Aslan’s original receipe, the Gerovital H3 products will now provide a better anti-aging effect.

The Gerovital H3 cosmetic products line, designed for mature, dehydrated skin, offers a complete and complex treatment with skin regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing effects. The line is developed as an entire unit, with formulas and active ingredients used in order to obtain maximal effects in revitalization and reducing the signs of aging. The formulations with a super-fatty structure, high content of waxes, fats and natural oils, ensure an advanced skin nourishing. The unique complex of active ingredients, containing Sodiun Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Cucumber Extract and PABA is present in every products of the range.

Sodiun Hyaluronate is a genuine water reservoir, which restores skin natural suppleness, due to its ability to fix water and fill the spaces between the elastic fibers. The water supply from this ingredient is greater than that of any natural substance. The moisturizing features have effect upon the skin elasticity, smoothness and softness.

Vitamin E also called”anti-wrinkle vitamin” impedes formation of free radicals, responsible for skin aging. It helps for efficient us of axygen inside tissues, activates circulation and favorably influences the building of new cells.

Cucumber Extract, rich in amino acids, corrects the potential skin deficiencies and facilitates the normal unfolding of metabolic processes, thus having cyto-stimulating effects.

PABA – constituent of folic acid – has remarkable antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It has a good filter against UV radiations, counteracting the premature skin photo-aging effects. Due to its ability to neutralize the free radicals, it prevents collagen aging and fiberizationby maintaining the neutral skin elasticity.


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Ana Aslan

Ana Aslan was the first person to rule out the fatalistic approach to aging, providing a new method in gerontology by opening the way to the prevention and treatment of old age.

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