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Conceived to protect the skin against external aggression, the GEROVITAL DeLUXE products are adapted to various types of skin and to their specific problems. Studies made by highly specialized international researchers have proven the effectiveness of the GEROVITAL DeLUXE line of products.

Macroscopic photographs of the skin before and after a 3 month of treatment with GEROVITAL DeLUXE products point out a regression of wrinkles and skin roughness, which are the obvious signs of skin aging. Due to its high hydration potential, GEROVITAL DeLUXE provides excellent skin hydration, therefore improving skin breathing. Its components have a significant role in skin regeneration, blood supply stimulation and sebaceous secretion regulation. Adapted to all types of skin, the GEROVITAL DeLUXE range of products can be a reliable ally in preventing and fighting the natural aging process of the skin.

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Ana Aslan

Ana Aslan was the first person to rule out the fatalistic approach to aging, providing a new method in gerontology by opening the way to the prevention and treatment of old age.

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